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Guided tour: Turbulent Times in the SieboldHuis

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A woodblock print depicting a Dutch steamship, c. 1854. Collection National Maritime Museum.

Join us on July 7 in the Japan Museum SieboldHuis for a guided tour through the exhibition Turbulent Times: Dutch-Japanese relations and the last days of the Samurai (1853-1867), given by exhibition curator Jim Dwinger.

SieboldHuis Roerige Tijden

The daimyo of Hizen visiting the Dutch warship Gedeh, from Souvenir du Japon, lithograph by C.W. Mieling and Charles Rochussen, 1865. Collection Japan Museum SieboldHuis.

Turbulent Times describes how the Dutch and Japanese navigated together through the mid-19th century: a time of great unrest filled with political and scientific changes in which both countries assumed a new role on the world stage. With seven themes the exhibition dives into the relations between the Netherlands and Japan in the period between 1853 and 1867. The exhibition displays a wide array of objects, from maritime and military paintings, prints, and drawings that shed light on the Dutch role in the establishment of a Japanese navy, to beautifully crafted diplomatic gifts such as golden screens, fine sets of swords, and colourful armour.


Detail of an armour gifted from the shogun to the Dutch king, ca 1855. Collection Wereldmuseum.

Location: Japan Museum SieboldHuis (Rapenburg 19, Leiden)

Time: Sunday 7 July 15:30~17:00

After the tour, attendees are invited for drinks at a nearby cafe.


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