Andon 109

June 2020

Andon 109

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EDITORIAL: Andon 109 is the last issue to appear under the editorship of Anna Beerens. She has been at the helm of Andon since 2012 and has guided our Society’s flagship through major changes such as a completely new design and structure. The Board of the Society is extremely grateful for her dedication to this complicated task and wishes to express its heartfelt thanks for upholding the quality of our journal, expanding the scope of the articles and attracting numerous new authors.

At the same time, Marije Jansen and Victor Schmidt step down from their positions as members of the editorial board. Both have served for a number of years, have contributed several articles to the journal and have spent hours of their valuable free time on editorial responsibilities. The Board is sad to see them go, but thanks them for their generous contribution to Andon and thus to the Society.

The Board of the SJA, in consultation with the remaining members of the editorial board will see to it that continuity is guaranteed and that the next issue, Andon 110 will appear, as planned, in the winter of this year.

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