Andon 112

December 2021

Andon 112


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The Poetry of Play: Hybridity in Amusements of the four seasons in Kyoto
Pauline Ayumi Ota

She examines the handscroll set Amusements of the four seasons of Kyoto, with paintings by Maruyama Ōkyo and inscriptions by Takahashi Munenao.

The Japanese Print as a Lens to Understanding Wright's Organic Space: The Miegakure Effect
Kenneth Dahlin
This article compares Wright’s designs with Edo-period landscape prints, in conjunction with Wright’s texts.

His Master's Voice: Echoes of Kuniyoshi in Yoshiiku's Imayo nazorae Genji
André Kraayenga

Showing to what extent the print artist Utagawa Yoshiiku copied and adapted visual sources from his teacher Kuniyoshi in his series Imayo nazorae Genji.

An intriguing work of Japanese calligraphy from the former Felix Tikotin collection in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Hori Sakiko

New aspects about a calligraphic work from the former Tikotin collection and takes a closer look at how East Asian calligraphy was appreciated in Europe in the early 20th century.

Book Review: Sixty Years with Japanese Prints by George Mann
John Fiorillo
On June 7, 1961, while visiting an art and artefacts shop run by Nagatani Toshizō in Chicago, George Mann purchased his first Japanese print for $100.



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