Andon 114

December 2022

Andon 114

EDITORIAL:  Welcome to the second issue of Andon in 2022.

The first contribution by Beatrice Shoemaker invites us into the world of illustrated books (ehon) of the painter and print designer of Ōoka Shunboku (1680-1763).

Stephen Marvin provides a fascinating insight into the world of gigaku masks, discussing their various types, origins, and iconographies.

The article by John Fiorillo introduces the magic and acrobatic tricks that were depicted in misemono-e. Misemono, side-shows and exhibits, formed an important part of Edo period urban culture.

Sakiko Hori presents an overview of the contributions to Japanese art in the Netherlands by Berend Modderman (1870–1944), one of the founders of the Vereeniging voor Japansche Grafiek en Kleinkunst (Society for Japanese Graphic and Decorative Art).

The book review by Shigeru Oikawa highlights the exhibition catalogue Kyōsai: The Israel Goldman collection written by Sadamura Koto that accompanied this year’s special exhibition at the Royal Academy in London.

We hope you enjoy reading the contributions. We wish a good end to this year and all the best for the coming year 2023.

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