Andon 22

Summer 1986

Andon 22

EDITORIAL: When you have finished reading this much belated summer issue of Andon, I am confident that you will feel that you too could send in your contribution. The two articles that feature in this issue were both written by amateurs. Lawrence Bickford is a collector who at same time took a fancy for sumo prints. Studying these prints more closely, he came to the conclusion that same terrible mistake had been made early this century in distinguishing the works of Toyokuni II and III. His first findings were published in an earlier issue of our magazine. Although faced with servere criticism at the time, he continued gathering data, resulting in the present study. Our readers are invited either to add to it or to bring forth conflicting evidence, so that our magazine can serve as a true forum for such art historical discussions.

Much less likely to cause controversy, but therefore not to be despised, is the article of René van der Star and Jan Dees. These collectors here report on a most interesting group of lacquerworks by the master Uzawa Shōgetsu they encountered in the Geneva Baur collections. Both these situations are likely to occur to all of us and may bring to put pen to paper. For those inspired by the reading of this issue, I would like to stress once again, that there is no editorial policy to only shed light on Japanese prints - as our magazine's subtitle justly indicates.

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