Andon 94

June 2013

Andon 94

EDITORIAL: This special issue of Andor devoted to the art of lacquer from the late 1920s until the end of Japan's Fifteen-Year War will, I think, not only delight collectors of lacquer ware and specialists of the field. The objects presented in these pages are a feast for the eye and reading about them must give pleasure to every lover of Japanese art. Author Jan Dees takes a closer look at 40 items shown at government-sponsored art exhibitions during this turbulent period. He demonstrates that lacquer art often said to be staid and conservative, can be just as daring and exuberant as any other art form.

Jan Dees was one of the speakers at the Society's succesful Taishō conference which took place in Leiden, The Netherlands, in January of this year. Andon is of course the ideal medium for the Society to share with its members the fascinating papers presented on that occasion. You can therefore look forward to many more inspiring articles on the art of 'greater Taishō'!

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Bold and colourful. lacquer art at the government-sponsored art exhibitions 1927 - 1944

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