Andon 95

December 2013

Andon 95

EDITORIAL: Our previous Andon issue was a solo performance, this one is very much a mixed bill. All contributions, however, reflect the joys of collecting. The contributions of Robert Schaap, Ton & Mies Becker, and even the tiny article by Gisela & Albrecht Rabitz show the true collector's curiosity and dedication. Max Roach and Kitamura Yoshichika open up entirely new collecting vistas (traditional Japanese swords, and banners) - the latter thanks to Maiko Takenobu and Philippe Boudin. And as Menno Fitski's article demonstrates, even a museum curator feels the collector's pride when acquiring something really special for his institution. All in all, I think the present issue of Andon offers much to enjoy.

Due to private circumstances Gina Collia-Suzuki could not contribute a zuihitsu this time, but Victor Schmidt, a member oÍ Andon's editorial team, at short notice managed to come up with something that will surely give you pleasure. Nevertheless, we genuinely hope that Gina will again be with us in the new year.

Speaking of this, the editors of Andon would like to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous Year of the Horse.

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