Andon 105
April 2018

EDITORIAL: Andon 105 first of all presents Robert Schaap and Glenn van den Bosch’ checklist of Keisai Eisen’s serial graphics, which we hope will provide a useful tool for both the collector and the scholar. 

This issue also features three articles that were adapted from papers presented at the Kunisada Conference in March of 2017. Paul Griffith draws upon his familiarity with the realities of the Kabuki stage to consider what actor portraits tell us about the intimate relationship between actor, text, and the art of Kabuki performance. Henk Herwig rises to the challenges presented by one of the prints from Kunisada’s 1852 series combining actor portraits and stations of the Tōkaidō. And Robert Schaap explores the re-use of existing print designs in Kunisada’s work and that of others.

Beatrice Shoemaker’s zuihitsu demonstrates that the street art of Shingon priest Gomyō and his Hoodie Monks is part of a long and venerable tradition. The Society’s former secretary, Arendie Herwig, was so kind as to draw our attention to the fact that the birds represented in figure 10 on page 17 of Andon 104 are not plovers, but sparrows. The plover’s habitat is the beach. The article’s author, Jana Ryndovà, and the editorial team are grateful to her for setting this right.