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Current issue

Andon 111, June 2021

Journal of the Society for Japanese Art

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Andon 111 brings you a broad variety of themes related to Japanese Art

Albert Brockhaus (1855 - 1921) - Acquiring netsuke throughout Europe
Patrizia Jirka-Schmitz describes how the German publisher Albert Brockhaus acquired his netsuke collection, providing a fascinating insight into the netsuke art market of the time.

The Paradox of the 'Horror Comic': Conveying Fear in the Manga of Itō Junji
Michael Crandol discusses the world of horror comics. By focusing on manga of horror master Itō Junji, he shows us how cinematic horror is translated to pages of the comics medium.

Roger Keyes, dear friend
The obituary by Israel Goldman memorizes the life and work of one of the greatest scholars of Japanese prints, Roger Keyes.


Gakutei's Fine Views of Mount Tenpō - Celebrating Osaka's Newest Tourist Attraction in 1834
Jack Quarrier makes a journey to Mount Tenpō in Osaka, a location that became a major tourist attraction in the 1830s. He looks at Yashima Gakutei’s set of six ōban prints depicting the mount and places them in context of early Tenpō landscape prints.

From Local to National. Crafting the Identity of bashōfu in Japanese Okinawa
Francesco Montuori offers a view on the textile craft of bashōfu, cloth made from the banana plant in Okinawa, highlighting its historical and cultural background.

Book Review: Stranger in the Shogun's City: A Women's Life in Nineteenth Century Japan
Jim Dwinger presents an overview of Amy Stanley’s compelling book ‘Stranger in the Shogun’s City: A Woman’s Life in Nineteenth-Century Japan’.

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