We present a very special collection of Japanese art: the SJA members picks. In 2020 we started posting objects picked by members on Instagram en Facebook. Since the middle of 2022 we also post these picks in the news section of our website. For those who do not follow the SJA on Social Media we have collected the members picks we posted in 2020 to the middle of 2022.

The collection of members picks give an idea of the diverse interests and taste of out members: netsuke, photographs, earthenware, porcelain, tabacco boxes and woodblock prints. Enjoy the wonderful collection of member's pick we have brought together for you here!

The collection is far from complete. In the past months we added a scroll painting, a little book of paintings and a printed book. As avid collectors we are always on the lookout for new objects to add to our treasures. There is a lot more to show, for example lacquer, textiles, modern art.... So, we will continue posting members picks. We hope you will contribute many more objects. All members can issue an object. Do you have an interesting object or a personal favourite you would like to showcase? It can be an object from your collection, but also a personal favorite form a museum or another collection. You can submit a photograph and a short post, with a description of the object and a short explanation why this object is special to you to the secretary. Your pick will be posted on our website in the News section and social media. Members picks can be anonymous.

A BOXWOOD NETSUKE OF A RECLING OX. A favourite of former SJA president Henk Hoogsteden

THE SECRET ART OF ROWING BACKWARDS | The first and favourite acquisition of SJA member and art collector Annechien Bertheux

KISERUZUTSU & TABAKO-IRE OF IVORY | A beautiful and complete pipe-case with tobacco pouch, from the collection of our members Koosanne and Arie Hartman

BEAUTIFUL OR NOT| A print from the collection of Paul Belien

PICTURE-PERFECT | An Utamaro print, the second beauty from the print collection of Paul Beliën

BIZENYAKI STYLE TSUBO | An interesting handmade jar ‘picked’ by our member Jon de Jong

EMPTY SPACE | A beautiful Japanese object, chosen by our member Menno Fitski, Head of Asian Art at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

PICTURE OF A BLIND MASSEUR | SJA member Max Put tells us about his quest for further information on his 19th century Japanese photo of a blind boy…

ORIBE-STYLE SHARD | Not a complete object of art but just a piece, therefore not less interesting…Read the story of this archaeological object, by SJA member Suzanne Kluver

This beautiful print is chosen by Arendie Herwig-Kempers, collector of Japanese Kabuki prints and former SJA secretary


OSHICHI|A beautiful and colourful print from the collection of our former board member Christiaan Kamstra

USHIWAKAMARU AND KUMASAKA CHōHAN. A print by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-92), selected by Josha Sietsma


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