Members pick: Creeping Creatures

This members’ pick is a little treasure, a small book filled with creeping creatures - some of which can also fly - by Funakawa Kashū, a Kyoto born artist. He belonged to the Maruyama Shijō School of painting and was a member of Imperial Painting Association. 

Comment: “I bought this wonderful little book more than twenty years ago. I immediately fell for it when I first saw it. The wonder of these paintings in a little book just about the size of a match box! It is a great joy to unbox and unpack the little book and go through it, trying to decide on a favourite and admire the delicate paintings consisting of a few brushstrokes and penlines. It is wonderful to share this little book with friends. It is a great conversation piece. I hope SJA members and other Japanese Art lovers enjoy it too.”

Funakawa Kashū, 船川華洲 (1880-?)
Book with 11 ink on paper paintings (ca 6x 8,5 cm per painting), with a cloth covered cover and a signed wooden box. 

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