Publications on Japanese art

Publications on Japanese art

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A SELECTION OF RECENT AND FORTHCOMING PUBLICATIONS (2019 & 2020 & 2021, updated March 2022)

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U p c o m i n g p u b l i c a t i o n
Great Waves & Mountains, Perspectives and Discoveries in Collecting the Arts of Japan
Natsu Oyobe & Allysa B. Peyton
This richly illustrated volume addresses the history of collecting Japanese art and the factors that contributed to the growth of collections in North America following the Meiji Restoration in 1868. 
Publisher: University Press of Florida, Dec. 2022, 304 pages, ISBN: 9781683402657, Hardcover, ca $ 65. Read more ...

Natsu Tsuchi, Earthy Materials in Contemporary Japanese Art
Bert Winther-Tanaki
Bringing together new insights into the relationships between environmentalism, contemporary art, and the ‘aesthetics of Japanese earth'.
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press, April 2022, 320 pages, 76 B&W ills, 10 colour plates, ISBN 978517911911, softcover, ca $ 35. Read more ...

Kyōsai. The Israel Goldman Collection
Sadamura Koto
Kyōsai’s important place in Japanese art is explored in depth in this catalogue of the exceptionally rich holdings of the Israel Goldman Collection.
Publisher: Royal Academy of Arts, London, March 2022, 192 pages, 85 colour plates, ISBN 9781912520749, hardback, ca £ 30, Read more ...

Kyōsai's Animal Circus
Sadamura Koto
Kyōsai’s magical menagerie with this accessible bestiary from the Israel Goldman Collection.
Publisher: Royal Academy of Arts, London, March 2022, 115 pages, 108 colour plates, ISBN 9781912520862, hardback, ca £ 13, Read more ...

Hokusai, The Great Picture Book of Everything
Timothy Clark
This landmark publication documents a major new discovery of over 100 drawings by the foremost Japanese artist, acquired by the British Museum in 2020.
Publisher: The British Musem London, January 2022, 175 pages, 103 colour ills, ISBN 9780714124896, hardback, ca £ 20, Read more ...

Tsuba in the Rijksmuseum
D.R. Raisbeck
Descriptions in the original Dutch as well as English translation, likewise references are in their original languages followed by English text. The collection has a wide range of styles and covers a long history of sword guard designs. 
Publisher: Blurb,  Jan. 2022, 260 pages, 120 colour ills, ISBN: 9781034997443, softcover, ca € 45. Read more ...

Listening to Clay: Conversations with contemporary Japanese Ceramic Artists
Alice North, Halsey North, and Louise Corthe
Stories of the most revered living Japanese ceramists of the century in their own words, tracing the evolution of modern and contemporary craft and art in Japan.
Publisher: Phaidon, The Monacelli Press, New York, June 2022, 352 pages, 150 colour ills, ISBN: 9781580935920, hardcover, ca € 65 (20% discount for orders placed onlinecode: PHAIDON20). Read more ...

Designing Modern Japan
Sarah Teasley
Weaves together the personal stories of people who shaped and shape Japan’s design industries with social history, economic conditions and geopolitics
Publisher: Reaktion Books, London, Febr. 2022, 424 pages, 145 ills, 75 in colour, ISBN: 9781780232027, hardcover, ca £ 30. Read more ...

The Visual Culture of Meiji Japan, Negotiating the Transition to Modernity
Ayelet Zohar & Alison J. Miller (editors)
This book examines the visual culture of Japan’s transition to modernity, from 1868 to the first decades of the twentieth century, presenting case studies of creative transformation demonstrating how new concepts and methods were perceived and altered to match views and theories prevalent in Meiji Japan.
Publisher: Routledge, 2022, 216 pages, 11 colour & 55 B/W ills,  ISBN 9780367612849, hardcover, ca £ 96. Read more …


The Magnificent Twelve, Japanesec Calligraphy and Artwork on the Theme of the Zodiac
Louise de Blécourt, W.R. van Gulik, Stephen Addiss & Jon de Jong
An introduction to the twelve animals, the stories that surround them, and the character traits that are associated with them.
Publisher: Primavera Press, 2022, 144 pages, 112 ills, ISBN: 9789059973558, hardcover, ca € 30. Read more …


L'arc et le sabre: Imaginaire guerrier du Japon
Aurélie Samuel  & Vincent Lefèvre 
This catalogue invite us to discover the richness of the representation of the samurai, from ancient times as well as in contemporary times.
Publisher: Musée Guimet, Paris, 2021, 120 pages , 63 colour ills, ISBN: ‎ 978-2711878444, paperback, ca € 16,50. Read more ...

Le Bestiaire extraordinaire de Kyôsai
Shigeru Oikawa
A publication inFrench by a member of our Society about Kawanabe Kyôsai (1831-1889) a virtuoso artist, who produced an exceptional and prolific oeuvre. Among his works, animals take pride of place. Larger than life, they are captured in motion in colorful and refined scenes. It was thanks to one of them, the crow, that this extraordinary painter became the most famous of his time.
Publisher: Phillipe Picquier, 2021, 200 pages, 133 ills, ISBN : 9782809715668, hardcover, ca €32. Read more …

Cerfs-volants du Japon - À la croisée des arts (Japanese kites - at the crossroads of the arts)
Cécile Laly (editor)
This book is the first in France to offer an in-depth study of Japanese kites. Kites arrived in Japan in the 8th century and reached their golden age during the Edo period (1603-1868). Closely linked to the popular culture, they developed as well as toys for children or adults, as aesthetic supports or objects of sociability.
Publisher: Nouvelles éditions Scala, 2021, 218 pages, ISBN: 97823598822-8, hardcover, ca €40. Read more …

Bestiare japonais
Nelly Delay et Dominique Ruspoli
An invitation - in French - to discover 28 everyday animals in accessible texts, associating haikus, tales and anecdotes from current life, and illustrated with works of art produced by the finest Japanese artists and artisans.
Publisher: À propos, 2021, 204 pages, 180 ills, ISBN: ‎ 2915398224, ca €40. Read more ...

Snow Country: Japanese Winter Landscapes
Maureen de Vries
Exhibition catalogue that focuses on wintery landscape prints of the 20th century. Over a hundred poetic scenes of snowy cityscapes and serene winter beauties that have been a well-known part of the Japanese woodblock print tradition and were also a beloved theme in modern shin and sōsaku hanga.
Publisher: Nihon no Hanga, Amsterdam 2021, 96 pages (A5 format), 91 full page colour ills, ISBN: softcover, ca €13. Read more …

Tradition and Triumph, Japanese Women Artists from the John Fong and Colin Johnstone Collection
Andrew L. Maske
Art created by Japanese women from the 1600s through the 1900s, ranging from works on silk and paper to ceramics.
Publisher: University of Washington, 2021, 208 pages, 128 color ills, ISBN: 9781945483073, hardcover, ca $45. Read more …

Picturing the floating world: Ukiyo-e in context
Julie Nelson Davis
A critical yet accessible analysis of the genre as it was developed in its social, cultural, and political milieu, contributing to our understanding of early modern visual production.
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press, 2021, 224 pages, 80 colour illls., ISBN: 9780824889210, paperback, ca $30. Read more …

Love, Fight, Feast, the multifaceted world of Japanese narrative art
Khanh Trinh
A comprehensive overview of the narrative art of Japan from the 13th century to the present day. Illustated by more than one hundred paintings, colored woodcuts, woodcut books as well as decorated lacquer objects, ceramics, silk robes and metal objects.
Publisher: Scheidegger & Spiess, 2021, 366 pages, 170 colour ills, ISBN: 9783039420247, ca €48. Read more …

Antiquarians of Nineteenth-Century Japan
Hiroyuki Suzuki, edited and translated by Maki Fukuoka
A thoughtful and richly detailed perspective on what art was before Art, on the eve of Japan’s rapid modernization.
Publisher: Getty Research Institute, 2020, 256 pages, 4 color and 25 b/w ills, ISBN: 9781606067420, hardcover, ca $60, Read more …


Ogata Korin, art in Early Modern Japan
Frank Feltens
The first major study of Korin in English, provides an intimate and thought-provoking portrait of one of Japan’s most significant artists.
Publisher: Yale University Press, 2021, 240 pages, 144 colour & 21 b/w ills, ISBN: 9780300256918, hardcover, ca $60. Read more …


Craft Culture in Early Modern Japan, materials, makers, and mastery
Christine M. E. Guth
A holistic framework for appreciating the crafts produced by celebrity and unknown makers, between the late sixteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries.
Publisher: University of California Press, 2021, 264 pages, 40 colour & 11 b/w ills, ISBN: 9780520379817, hardcover or ebook, ca $50. Read more …

Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji
Gathering the finest impressions from institutions and collections worldwide in the complete set of 46 plates alongside 114 color variations
Publisher: Taschen, 2021, Multilingual Edition: English, French, German, 224 pages, ISBN: 9783836575720, Japanese binding, ca
€125. Read more …


The Art of Change: Kamoda Shoji
Aaron Rio & Yokobori Satoshi
An illustrated catalog that accompanied the exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Art from December 2021 until April  2022, the first exhibition of Kamoda’s work outside of Japan.
Publisher: Minneapolis Institute of Art, 2021, 146 pages, 137 colour & 12 b/w ills,  ISBN: 9780998587202, ca $30. Read more …


Japanese Screens: Through a Break in the Clouds
Claire Akiko Brisset, Torahiko Terada & Anne Marie Christin
A lavishly illustrated book exploring the 1,300-year history of Japanese screens. It describes how screens developed from their ceremonial use in palaces and temples to their functional and decorative use in ordinary Japanese homes.
Publisher: Abbeville Press , 2021, 280 pages, ISBN: 0789214075, bound in the Japanese style and housed in a handsome clamshell box, ca $125. Read more …

Edo in Colour: Prints from Japan’s Metropolis in the Collections of the Chester Beatty
Mary Redfern
Catalogue featuring more than one hundred prints and printed books from the Edo in Colour exhibition at Chester Beatty.
Publisher: Chester Beatty, 2021, 168 pages, ISBN: 9780957399860, paperback, ca £ 28. Read more ...

Sixty Years with Japanese Prints 
Editors: Julia Meech and Jane Oliver
The renowned George Mann collection of some 180 prints is presented in full color, with revealing insights into provenance and extensive translations of early poetry. The volume includes a complete bibliography and exhibition history as well.
Publisher, George Mann, CJP Bookstore 2021. 393 pages, ISBN 0578804115, softcover, ca $125. Read more ...

An Ise monogatari Reader
Editors: Joshua S. Mostow, Tokurō Yamamoto, and Kurtis Hanlon
A collection of essays on 'The Ise Stories', a canonical literary text. Eleven scholars from Japan, North America, and Europe explore the historical and political context in which this literary court romance was created. Brill's Japanese Studies Library, Leiden, June 2021, 305 pages, ISBN 978-90-04-46235-9, e-book, € 115 or ISBN 978-90-04-44762-2, hardcover, ca €115. Read more ...

Saitō Kiyoshi, Graphic Awakening
Rhiannon Paget 
This catalogue is the first comprehensive, scholarly publication on the Japanese print artist Saitō Kiyoshi and accompanies the first major exhibition of his work in the United States since his death. Saitō was a central member of Japan’s creative print (sōsaku hanga) movement, and one of the best known and most popular modern Japanese artists in the United States. His work is appreciated for his refined sense of design and active use of woodgrain. This fully-illustrated book includes thematic essays, illustrations demonstrating Saitō’s technique, discussion of seals and signatures, chronology, and bibliography. Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers & Ringling Museum of Art, April 2021, pages: 208, Images: 198, ISBN 9781785513015, paperback, ca $ 45. Read more …

Printed and Painted: The Meiji Art of Ogata Gekkō (1859–1920)
Amy Newland
This is the first English-language publication to offer an in-depth look at the life and career of the Japanese painter and woodblock-print designer Ogata Gekkō.
Brill Publishing, Leiden, February 2021, ISBN: 9789004448506, Paperback €54. Read more ...

Forthcoming: The Ukiyo-e 2020
The catalogue of the exhibition ‘Ukiyo-e 2020’ held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in 2020. For the first time, 450 masterpieces from the Ōta Memorial Museum of Art, Japan, the Ukiyo-e Museum, and the Hiraki Ukiyo-e Foundation, were showcased together. Nikkei Inc. Tokyo, December 2021, 360 pages, ISBN: 4907243103, hardcover, ca $80.00. Read more …

Fanning the Flames: Propaganda in Modern Japan
Kaoru Ueda (editor)
A comprehensive look at how Japan deployed popular arts for propaganda that created an imperialist fervor. Scholarly essays by experts, with more than 100 rich colour illustrations from the collections of the Hoover Institution Library & Archives. Hoover Institution Press, Stanford, CA, June 2021, 188 pages, ISBN‏‎ 978-0817924645, hardcover, ca  $ 60. Read more …  

Postwar "Avant-Garde" Art Movements and Women Artists, 1950s–60s
Kokatsu Reiko (original publication in Japanese 2005).
Translation: Nina Horisaki-Christens (March 2021)
The author compiled and surveyed 137 works by 48 women artists, comprising mainly yōga Western-style painting, but including a few nihonga Japanese-style paintings and photographic works as well, with a special focus, among the institutions that women would have confronted when setting out to become painters at the time, on the fine arts education system. Art Bunka-cho Art Platform Japan Translation Series Kokatsu, March 2021, free pdf download. Read more …

Japan and American Children’s Books,  A Journey
Sybille Jagusch
Drawing from the Library of Congress’s massive collection, the author presents long passages from different types of Japanese-themed children’s books and periodicals—presenting a mixture of facts, stereotypes, and complete fabrications.
Rutgers University Press, Chicago, June 2021, 350 pages, 194 colour ills, ISBN 9781978822627, paperback, ca $49.95. Read more ...


Chrysanthemums, Dragons and Samurai
La céramique japonaise du Musée Ariana

Ana Quintero Pérez and Stanislas Anthonioz (editors)
Exhibition catalog of an important Swiss collections of Japanese ceramics, with nearly 800 pieces, dating from the middle of the 17th to the beginning of the 20th century. It has been produced with the assistance of renowned experts from Europe and Japan and has the dual mission of a scientific reference work and an art book. Éditions Georg, Genève, February 2021, ISBN 9782825712306, text in French & English, paperback, ca CHF 50.-. Read more ...


Yayoi Kusama. Lives of Artists
Robert Shore
Revealing Kusama’s difficult childhood in Japan, her wild child years in New York during the 1960s and, ultimately, how she overcame profound mental health struggles to become an art superstar whose exhibitions are the most visited of any single living artist. Laurence King Publishing, London, April 2021, 160 pages, ISBN 9781786277862, hardcover, ca £ 12.99. Read more ....

Beyond Zen: Japanese Buddhism Revealed: The Newark Museum of Art 
Katherine Anne Paul & Ikumi Kaminishi
A visual history of Japanese Buddhist art dating from the Edo period (1600–1868) to the present day. The richly-illustrated text offers a concise introduction to diverse Japanese Buddhist practices and the central role art plays in them. The book shows over 130 ornate and gold leafed paintings, textiles, ceramics, and sculptures from the Newark Museum’s extensive collection of Japanese Buddhist art.
D Giles Limited, Lewes UK,  June 2021, 164 pages, 150 colour ills, ISBN-10: 1911282557, hardcover, ca £ 35. Read more ...

Kuniyoshi, Design and Entertainment in Japanese Woodblock Prints
Johannes Wieninger and Mio Wakita-Elis (editors)
Catalogue with a  selection of prints from the extensive woodblock print collection of the Museum für Angewandte Kunst (MAK) in Vienna, demonstrating how Kuniyoshi's works reflects the political and social changes in 19th-century Japan. Verlag für Moderne Kunst, Vienna September 2020, 152 pages, 160 colour ills., ISBN 390332020X , hardcover, ca $40. Read more

Butoh: Cradling Empty Space
Approaching the avant-garde Japanese performance art form of butoh from a cross-cultural, gender studies, and scientific perspective, award-winning artist and teacher Vangeline brings a fresh look at this postmodern dance form. The book will appeal to anyone interested in choreography, theater, and Japanese history, culture and art.
Vangeline Theater/New York Butoh Institute, October 2020, 288 pages, ISBN 1735766011, paperback ca $36, Kindle e-book ca $24. Read more

The Japanese Cinema Book
Hideaki Fujiki & Alastair Phillips (editors)
The Book provides a new and comprehensive survey of Japan’s filmmaking culture. In terms of its historical coverage, broad thematic approach and the significant international range of its authors, it is the largest and most wide-ranging publication of its kind to date.
Bloomsbury Publishing, London 2020, 624 pages, 100 b&w illus., ISBN 9781844576784,  paperback ca $ 40.46, hardback ca $ 120, e-Book ca $ 33. Read more

Divine intervention with a human face. Japanese Buddhist wood sculpture
Sydney L. Moss Ltd.
This book exhibits nine pieces of Japanese Buddhist wood temple sculpture. It begins with Yakushi Nyorai, the Medicine Buddha, the healing deity who resides in the Lapis Lazuli Paradise of the East, revitalising health, alleviating suffering and curing anything from disease to the ailment of ignorance. Then Fudō Myō-Ō, the Immovable, the Esoteric Wisdom King of Imperturbability, the indomitable protector of Shingon Buddhism, the guardian and militant defender of Buddha and his teachings. It follows with Bishamon-ten, the God of Wealth and Warriors, but a celestial being known as a deva.
CA Book Publishing 2020, 64 pages, hard cover, ca £ 45.00. Read more

Tokyo Before Tokyo. Power and Magic in the Shogun’s City of Edo
Timon Screech
This beautifully illustrated book presents important sites and features from the rich history of Edo, drawn from contemporary sources such as diaries, guidebooks and woodblock prints. These include, the vast castle of the shogun, sumptuous Buddhist temples, bars, kabuki theatres and the Yoshiwara, Edo’s famous red-light district.
Reaktion Books, London 2020, 240 pages, ISBN 97811789142334, hardback, ca € 28. Read more

The World of Ito Jakuchu
Sato Yasuhiro
In 1760, when the Japanese painter Ito Jakuchu was working on his magnum opus, "Plants and Animals in Color", he stated that it would probably take a thousand years for his paintings to be properly appreciated. The present book includes full-color illustrations of Jakuchu’s lifework (the thirty scrolls of "Plants and Animals in Color") as well as other important paintings, arranged chronologically and accompanied by commentary from a variety of perspectives.
Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture (JPIC), Tokyo 2020, 168 pages, ISBN 9784866581354, hardcover, 4,200. Read more

I Become a Nisei
Isamu Noguchi, foreword by Brian Niiya
This booklet collects an essay by Isamu Noguchi written from a prison camp for Japanese Americans in 1942, with a selection of artworks and documents from The Noguchi Museum Archives.
The Brother In Elysium / The Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum, New York 2020, 32 pages, softcover, $ 40.00. Read more

Yumeji Modern. Designing the Everyday in Twentieth-Century Japan
Nozomi Naoi
The popular Japanese artist Takehisa Yumeji (1884-1934) is an emblematic figure of Japan's rapidly changing cultural milieu in the early twentieth century. His graphic works include leftist and antiwar illustrations in socialist bulletins, wrenching portrayals of Tokyo after the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, and fashionable images of beautiful women-referred to as Yumeji-style beauties -in books and magazines that targeted a new demographic of young female consumers. Yumeji also played a key role in the reinvention of the woodblock medium.

University of Washington Press 2020, 300 pages, ISBN 9780295746838, hardcover, ca $ 65.00. Read more

Japanse prenten. Een handleiding voor verzamelaars
W.R. van Gulik
This is a reissue of Willem van Gulik's book from 1994 with mainly black and white illustrations. This revised and comprehensive reissue is entirely in colour. Chapters on erotic prints and Japanese printmaking in the twentieth century have been added (in Dutch).
Primavera Pers, Leiden 2020, 288 pages, ISBN 9789059972766, paperback, € 24,90. Read more

Bokujinkai. Japanese Calligraphy and the Postwar Avant-Garde
Eugenia Bogdanova-Kummer
The Bokujinkai was a group formed in Kyoto in 1952 by five calligraphers: Morita Shiryū, Inoue Yūichi, Eguchi Sōgen, Nakamura Bokushi, and Sekiya Yoshimichi. The avant-garde movement they launched aspired to raise calligraphy to the same level of international prominence as abstract painting. To this end, the Bokujinkai collaborated with artists from European Art Informel and American Abstract Expressionism, sharing exhibition spaces with them in New York, Paris, Tokyo, and beyond.
Brill Leiden 2020, ISBN 9789004424654, hardback, € 104,00.
Read more

FORTHCOMING (March 2021)
Hiroshige. Famous Places in the Sixty-Odd Provinces
Anne Sefrioui
This collection of prints, first published in the 1850s, contains images of each of Japan’s provinces. The beautiful slip-cased edition includes two volumes: a complete set of seventy prints and a separate booklet that provides an introduction to Hiroshige’s life and art as well as descriptive captions of the prints.
Prestel 2021, 110 pages, ISBN 9783791387192, boxed set, $ 35.00.
Read more…

Avant-Garde Art and Non-Dominant Thought in Postwar Japan
K. Yoshida
Through theoretical analysis of works by artists and critics such as Okamoto Taro, Tsuruoka Masao, Kawaguchi Tatsuo and Muraoka Saburō, this highly illustrated text identifies formal oppositions frequently evoked in the Japanese avant-garde, between cognition and image; self and other; human and thing; one and many, in mediums ranging from painting and photography, to sculpture and architecture.
Routledge 2020, 280 pages, ISBN 9780367427870, hardback, £ 96,00.
Read more…

Stranger in the Shogun's City. A Japanese Woman and Her World
Amy Stanley
A vivid, deeply researched work of history that explores the life of an unconventional woman during the first half of the 19th century in Edo and a portrait of a great city on the brink of a momentous encounter with the West. The daughter of a Buddhist priest, Tsuneno was born in a rural Japanese village and was expected to live a traditional life much like her mother’s. But after three divorces she ran away to make a life for herself in one of the largest cities in the world: Edo, a bustling metropolis at its peak.
Vintage 2020, 352 pages, ISBN 9781501188527, hardcover, £ 16.99.

Japanese Design since 1945. A complete sourcebook
Naomi Pollock
For the Japanese, the concept of design is not limited to functionality and materiality, it is deeply connected with culture and tradition. In this sense, everyday objects become more than their function: they are to be reflected upon, to be touched and cherished. As mass manufacture became widespread in the postwar period, fascinating cross-cultural exchanges began to take place between Japan and the West.
Abrams Books 2020, 448 pages, ISBN 9781419750540, paperback, $ 85.00. Read more…

Kakemono: Five Centuries of Japanese Paining. The Perino Collection
Matthi Forrer (ed.)
Spanning Japanese painting from the 16th to the 19th centuries, this thrilling volume presents a selection of 120 kakemonos from the Perino collection in Italy. The kakemono (literally 'hanging thing') is a Japanese painting or calligraphy, on silk, cotton or paper, contained as a scroll and intended to be hung on the wall. Unlike a hemakimono - a roll that is opened horizontally on a surface - the kakemono opens vertically and is designed as an indoor wall decoration.
Skira 2020, 208 pages, ISBN 9788857243795, paperback, $ 40.00. Read more…

The Red Years. Theory, Politics, and Aesthetics in the Japanese ‘68
Gavin Walker (ed.)
Although the ’68 revolutions of the Global North - Western Europe and North America - are widely known, the Japanese situation remains remarkably under-examined globally. Beginning in the late 1950s, the New Left, independent of the prewar Japanese communist moment (itself of major historical importance in the 1920s and ’30s), came to produce one of the most vibrant decades of political organization, political thought, and political aesthetics in the global twentieth century.
Versobooks 2020, 175 pages, ISBN 9781786637222, paperback, £ 14,99. Read more…

The Yokohama School. Photography in 19th-century Japan
Francesco Paolo Campione (ed.)
Photography found its way to Japan in the second half of the 19th century, toward the close of the Edo period and the beginning of the Meiji era, during which the new technology of cameras and film development mingled with the traditional skills of local Japanese painters. These artists were able to color photographic prints by hand, meticulously applying paint to the tiniest of surfaces in order to accurately convey the richness of the environments they captured.
Skira 2020, 288 pages, ISBN 9788857244136, hardcover, $ 45.00. Read more…

Japan: Courts and Culture
Rachel Peat
This fascinating publication tells the story of 400 years of British royal contact with Japan. It explores how exquisite decorative arts were central both to direct diplomatic relations and to indirect cultural connection. Its major theme is of princely contact, distinguished by the royal tours and personal gift exchange, which reached their zenith in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Royal Collection Enterprises, 320 pages, ISBN 9781909741683, hardback, £ 35.00. Read more…

Yoshitomo Nara
Yeewan Koon
Yoshitomo Nara rose to prominence in the mid-1990s, a star in a generation of avant-garde Japanese artists associated with the neo-Pop ‘Superflat' movement. This book, made in close collaboration with Nara himself, explores more than three decades of his work - and is the first truly authoritative monograph on the artist in more than a decade.
Phaidon 2020, 330 pages, ISBN 9780714879949, hardback, € 89.95Read more…

Men in Metal. A Topography of Public Bronze Statuary in Modern Japan

Sven Saaler
In his pioneering study, Men in Metal, Sven Saaler examines Japanese public statuary as a central site of historical memory from its beginnings in the Meiji period through the twenty-first century. Saaler shows how the elites of the modern Japanese nation-state went about constructing an iconography of national heroes to serve their agenda of instilling national (and nationalist) thinking into the masses.
Brill Leiden 2020, 110 pages, ISBN 9789004414433, hardback, € 105. Read more...

The Kimono in Print: 300 Years of Japanese Design  
Vivian Li (editor)
The first publication dedicated to the examination of the kimono as a major source of inspiration and experimentation in Japanese print culture, from the widely circulated woodblock prints and illustrated books of the Edo period (1603–1868) to the modern design books of the Meiji period (1868–1912).
Hotei Publishing 2020, ISBN 9789004424647, paperback, $ 49. Read more…

Japanese Dress in Detail  
Josephine Rout & Anna Jackson
Bringing together more than 100 items of clothing, this book reveals the intricacies of Japanese dress from the 18th century to the present. Including garments for women, men and children, the details have been selected both for their exquisite beauty and craftsmanship, and for how much they impart about the wearer’s identity, be it age, status or taste.
Thames and Hudson/V&A London 2020, ISBN 9780500480571, paperback, £ 24.95. Read more…

Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk
Anna Jackson (editor)
The kimono is the ultimate signifier of Japan: revered within the country as the embodiment of national culture and regarded internationally as an exotic fascination. This book presents the kimono as dynamic and fashionable, and explores its significance in historical and contemporary contexts, both in Japan and in the West.
V&A London 2020, ISBN 9781851779925, hardcover, $ 43.
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Dancing the Dharma: Religious and Political Allegory in Japanese Noh Theater  
Susan Blakely Klein
This book examines the theory and practice of allegory by exploring a select group of medieval Japanese noh plays and treatises. The author demonstrates how medieval esoteric commentaries on the tenth-century poem-tale Isemonogatari and the first imperial waka poetry anthology Kokinwakashū influenced the plots, characters, imagery, and rhetorical structure of seven plays.
Harvard East Asian Monographs 2020, ISBN 9780674247840, hardcover.
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Printing Landmarks: Popular Geography and MeishoZue in Late Tokugawa Japan  
Robert Goree
This book tells the story of the late Tokugawa period’s most distinctive form of popular geography: meishozue. Beginning with the publication of Miyakomeishozue in 1780, these monumental books deployed lovingly detailed illustrations and informative prose to showcase famous places (meisho) in ways that transcended the limited scope, quality, and reliability of earlier guidebooks and gazetteers.
Harvard East Asian Monographs 2020, ISBN 9780674247871, hardcover. Read more…

Matthi Forrer
This book by Matthi Forrer, one of the leading experts on ukiyo-e art, traces Kuniyoshi’s entire career. Chapters look at the major aspects of Kuniyoshi’s oeuvre; his book illustrations and portraits of fashionable women; his enormously popular series featuring actors, warriors, and landscapes; and the influence of Western art on his career. 
Penguin Random House 2020, ISBN 9783791385099, hardcover, $ 149. Read more…

Japanese Political Theatre in the 18th Century: Bunraku Puppet Plays in Social Context
Akihiro Odanaka & Masami Iwai
In this book the authors tackle the wealth of bunraku plays underrepresnted in English through reexamining their siginifcance on a global scale. Little is written on the fact that bunraku theatre, despite its elegant figures of puppets and exotic stories, was often made as a place to manifest the political concerns of playwrights in the 18th century, hence a reflection of the audience's expectation which could not have materialised outside the theatre. 
Routledge 2020, ISBN 9780367150624, hardback, £ 120, eBook £ 30. Read more…

Breaking out of Tradition: Japanese Lacquer, 1890-1950
Jan Dees (editor)
This publication examines the revolution in Japanese lacquer art from the end of the 19th until the middle of the 20th century. In an era marked by political and cultural change the founding of art societies and academies led to the strengthening of artists as individuals. Traditional values stood in opposition to modern tendencies, in many cases coming from the West.
Hirmer Verlag 2020, ISBN: 9783777435060, softcover, £ 39,95.
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Decorative Japanese Painting: The Rinpa Aesthetic in Japanese Art  
Yasumura Toshinobu
This book explores the history of Rinpa from its birth, evolution and rebirth in modern times through carefully selected artworks of important figures in Rinpa history, including many national treasures and important cultural properties.
PIE International 2020, ISBN 9784756253118, softcover, £ 27,50.
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The Art of Impermanence
Adriana Proser
The dazzling range of art and objects in this beautifully photographed catalogue to the exhibition The Art of Impermanence: Japanese Works from the John C Weber Collection and Mr & Mrs John D Rockefeller (Asia Society, Ney York) show the broad, yet nuanced, ways that the notion of the ephemeral manifests itself in the arts of Japan throughout history.
Asia Society 2020, ISBN 9788833670836, $ 65. Read more…

Reframing Disability in Manga
Yoshiko Okuyama
This book analyzes popular Japanese manga published from the 1990s to the present that portray the everyday lives of adults and children with disabilities in an ableist society. 
University of Hawai’i Press 2020, ISBN 9780824882365, hardback, $ 62. Read more…

Behold the Buddha: Religious meanings of Japanese Buddhist Icons
James Dobbins 
This book invites readers to imagine how pre-modern Japanese Buddhists understood and experienced icons in temple settings long before the advent of museums and the internet. Although widely portrayed in the last century, Buddhist images were traditionally treated as the very embodiment of the Buddha, his palpable presence among people. 
University of Hawai’i Press 2020, ISBN 9780824879990, paperback, $ 24. Read more…

Seeing Zen: Zenga from the Kaeru-An Collection
John Stevens & Felix Hess
In addition to presenting highlights of the spectacular Kaeru-An collection, the book is a tour-de-force of idiosyncratic art and scholarship, and even - since Zenga are meant to instruct and enlighten - a meditation manual. Each artwork selected for Seeing Zen is presented on a full page in full color, with accompanying Japanese text from the artwork, English translation, and a contemplative commentary. 
Floating World Editions 2020, ISBN 9781891640971, hardcover, $ 70. Read more…

Highlights of Japanese Printmaking: Part Six - The Baron J. Bachofen von Echt Collection of Golden Age Ukiyo-e
Katherine Martin
An extraordinary collection of Japanese woodblock prints, The Baron J. Bachofen von Echt Collection of Golden Age Ukiyo-e, is comprised of a highly selective group of twenty-two figural woodblock prints produced during a period considered the highpoint of the genre, known as the 'golden age' of ukiyo-e, reaching its peak in the last decade of the 18th century. 
Scholten Japanese Art 2020, ISBN 9780971366589, $ 40.
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The Private World of Surimono: Japanese Prints from the Virginia Shawan Drosten and Patrick Kenadjian Collection 

Sadako Ohki, with Adam Haliburton
A scholarly publication on surimono, with names and titles in kanji characters as well as transliterations and translations of the poems on the catalogued prints. It is a critical resource for scholars of Japanese art and history and offers general readers insight into this rare and innovative print form.
The Yale University Art Gallery 2020, ISBN 978-0-300-24711-4, paperback, ca $ 40.
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Exporting Japanese Aesthetics, Evolution from Tradition to Cool Japan 

Tets Kimura & Jennifer Harris (editors)
This publication brings together historical and contemporary case studies addressing the evolution of international impacts and influences of Japanese culture and aesthetics. It draws on a wide range of examples from a multidisciplinary team of scholars exploring transnational, regional and global contexts. Studies include the impact of traditional Japanese theatre and art through to the global popularity of contemporary anime and manga.
Sussex Academic Press 2020, ISBN 978-1-78976-001-9, hardcover, ca £ 75. Read more…

The Elegance of Hosokawa, Tradition of a Samurai Family 
Bettina Zorn, editor
Through some 85 magnificent objects, including weapons, splendid armour, China-ink drawings and paintings, ceramics and lacquer work as well as theatre masks and costumes, the volume reveals the glittering panorama of a samurai family between martial elitism and artistry.
Hirmer Verlag 2020, ISBN 978-3-7774-3352-3, hardcover, ca £ 40. Read more…

Catalogue of the Feinberg Collection of Japanese Art 
Rachel Saunders, editor
Over more than four decades, Robert and Betsy Feinberg have assembled the finest private collection of Edo-period Japanese painting in the United States. Twelve contributors use the latest scholarship to offer sensitive close readings that bring these remarkable collection to life.
Yale University Press, July 2020, ISBN 9780300250909, hardcover, ca $ 65. Read more…

Women and the Asian Art Market in Nineteenth-Century France (1853–1914) 
Elizabeth Emery
The stories of women collectors and shopkeepers rarely appear in memoirs left by those associated with the japoniste movement. This book brings to light the culturally important, yet largely forgotten artistic activities of these women.
Bloomsbury Visual Arts, July 2020, ISBN 9781501344633, hardcover, ca $120. Read more…

Critical design in Japan, Material culture, luxury, and the avant-garde 
Ory Bartal
This book tells the story of critical avant-garde design in Japan, which emerged during the 1960s and continues to inspire designers today.
Manchester University Press, February 2020, ISBN 978-1-5261-3997-9, hardcover, ca £ 80. Read more…

Arte y Nación. El Discurso de la Historia del Arte en el Japón Meiji 
Daniel Sastre de la Vega
The author analyses the roads that led to the arrival in Japan of a Western academic discipline in the Meiji era (in Spanish).
Published by Bellaterra, 2019, ISBN 978 84 7290 931 1, ca € 17. Read more… 

Japanese Woodblock Prints and Collectors in the Czech Lands 
Markéta Hánová
A comprehensive look at the history of the collecting of Japanese woodblock prints in Bohemia and Moravia, which tied in with the broader phenomenon of Japanese art collecting in Europe in the second half of the 19th century.
National Gallery in Prague/Národní galerie Praha, 2019, hardback, Czech and English version, 
ca € 40.

Erich “Chnolli” Gross. Leben 
Erich Gross
A book by the Swiss art collector and jazz lover Erich Gross on his life and passion for the arts (in German).
edition abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz, Diessenhofen, 2019, ISBN 978-3-03858-710-1, hardcover, € 30,30. Read more 

Gisela Müller, Erich “Chnolli” Gross. Sammlungen 
A book on the art collectors Erich Gross and his wife Gisela Müller (in German). They donated the Japanese woodblock prints from their collection to the Museum Rietberg in Zürich.
edition abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz, Diessenhofen, 2019, ISBN 978-3-03858-711-8, hardcover, € 30,30. Read more

Haiku-Surimono. The Haiku Surimono collection album of the old man Baimin, Vol.1 
Hans Bjarne Thomsen
This publication comprises a facsimile edition of the original, with scholarly descriptions added. It accompanies the exhibition ‘Surimono-Poetry prints of the Shijō school’ at the Museum Rietberg in Zürich.
edition abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz, Diessenhofen, 2019, ISBN 978-3-03858-712-5, hardcover, € 36,30.
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Utagawa Yoshiiku (1833-1904). Creatività e ricchezza cromatica alla fine di un'era  
Alessandro Guidi
Catalogue of the Yoshiiku exhibition in Museo di Palazzo Poggi, Bologna (in Italian). It comprises an introduction to the artist and essays on 44 of his woodblock prints.
Sistema Museale di Ateneo. Università di Bologna, 2019, ISBN 978-88-943184-1-8, paperback, € 15. Read more 

Japanese Woodblock Prints (1680–1938)

Andreas Marks
This XXL book (weight ca 5.7 Kg!) shows 200 most exceptional Japanese woodblock prints from 1680–1938. Drawing from the finest impressions in museums and private collections around the world, it features the work of 89 artists as well as 17 fold-outs. Introductions and descriptive texts in English, German, and French. (see video presentation)
Taschen, Köln, November 2019, ISBN 978-3-8365-6336-9,  hardcover, ca € 150. Read more 

Studies from Nature
Kitagawa Utamaro (Illustrator), Translated by John T. Carpenter
Essays by John T. Carpenter, Alfred Haft and Alex Kerr
Five hand-crafted books of exquisite Japanese art and poetry in facsimile for the first time.
The Folio Society, London, Limited to 500 numbered sets £495.00. Read more

The Life of Animals in Japanese Art
Robert T. Singer and Masatomo Kawai (eds)
Contributions by Barbara R. Ambros, Tom Hare, Federico Marcon
A sweeping exploration of animals in Japanese art and culture across sixteen centuries, featuring some 300 masterpieces from public and private collections.
Princeton University Press, 2019, ISBN 9780691191164, Hardback, ca $65. Read more
Hinges, Sakaki Hyakusen and the Birth of Nanga Painting
Julia M White (Ed)
Exhibition catalog focusing on the art of Sakaki Hyakusen (1697–1752), the founding father of the Nanga school of painting in Japan. Includes a special chapter on conservation techniques and best practices in East Asian painting.
University of California, 2019, ISBN 9780520304475, hardcover, ca $60. Read more

Parallel Modernism, Koga Harue and Avant-Garde Art in Modern Japan
Chinghsin Wu
Historical study recasting modern art in Japan as a ‘parallel modernism’ that was visually similar to Euroamerican modernism, but developed according to its own internal logic. Using the art and thought of prominent Japanese modern artist Koga Harue (1895–1933) as a lens to understand this process.
University of California, 2019, ISBN 9780520299825, hardcover, ca $70. Read more

The Art of Persistence: Akamatsu Toshiko and the Visual Cultures of Transwar Japan
Charlotte Eubanks
The Art of Persistence examines the relations between art and politics in transwar Japan, exploring these via a microhistory of the artist, memoirist, and activist Akamatsu Toshiko (1912–2000).
University of Hawaii Press, 2019, ISBN 9780824878283, Hardback, ca $72. Read more

Poetic Imagination in Japanese Art, Selections from the Collection of Mary and Cheney Cowles
Maribeth Graybill (ed)
What began as an almost casual interest in collecting early Imari ware evolved, over time, into a passion for Japanese paintings and calligraphy.
University of Washington Press, January 2020, ISBN 9781883124410, hardcover, ca $45. Read more

Changing and Unchanging Things, Noguchi and Hasegawa in Postwar Japan
Dakin Hart & Mark Dean Johnson (eds)
An account of how their joint exploration of traditional Japanese culture influenced their contemporary and subsequent work.
University of California Press, 2019, ISBN: 9780520298224, hardcover, ca $65. Read more

The Saburo Hasegawa Reader
Mark Dean Johnson & Dakin Hart (eds)
An open access companion to the bilingual catalogue copublished with The Noguchi Museum to accompany an international touring exhibition, Changing and Unchanging Things: Isamu Noguchi and Saburo Hasegawa in Postwar Japan.
University of California Press, 2019, ISBN: 9780520298996, Paperback, ca $35. 
Free ebook (EPUB, mobi, pdf): click hereRead more

The Tale of Genji: A Japanese Classic Illuminated
John T. Carpenter and Melissa McCormick with Monika Bincsik and Kyoko Kinoshita
This handsomely designed and illustrated book explores the outstanding art associated with Genji through in-depth essays and discussions of more than one hundred works.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 2019, ISBN 9781588396655, hardcover, ca $65. Read more
The Allure of Japanese Contemporary Clay
Joan B. Mirviss
This bilingual book explores the historic, artistic, economic and social factors that have effectuated the booming interest abroad in contemporary Japanese ceramics, most particularly in the United States.
Published by Mitsumura Suiko Shoin, Kyoto, 2019, ISBN 9784838105922, paperback, ca € 30.
(order at Read more

Tanaka Ryôhei, Etchings of Rural Japan

Chris van Otterloo
A monograph in English dedicated to the life and oeuvre of Tanaka Ryôhei (1933). More than 130 representative works have been selected for this issue.
Hotei Publishing, 2019, ISBN 978-90-04-40135-8, paperback, ca €39. Read more

(Edo’s gardening fever: People’s flowers seen in ukiyo-e)

Catalogue (in Japanese) of an exhibition illustrating over 200 Japanese woodblock prints with plants, flowers, and scenic spots.
Tobacco and Salt Museum, 2019, ISBN 978-4-924989-85-6, paperback, ca $38.00. Read more

Publication edited by Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere and Matsuba Ryoko
in conjunction with the British Museum's exhibition Manga
Showcases the work of Japan’s most influential manga creators, with printed manga extracts, original drawings, manga magazines, theatre, film, digital technologies and exclusive interviews with artists, editors and publishers.
Thames & Hudson & British Museum, 2019, ISBN 978-0-500-48049-6, paperback, ca £ 30. Read more

The True Story of the Vendetta of the 47 Ronin from Akô
Thomas Harper
A magnum opus of the Vendetta of the 47 Ronin from Akô telling the storyin a historical and literary manner, based on surviving primary documents.
Leete's Island Books, 2019, ISBN 978-0918172778, Paperback, ca $28. Read more...

History of Art in Japan
Tsuji Nobuo. Translated by Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere
A fully illustrated overview of Japanese art, written by one of Japan’s most distinguished art historians. This masterful account of the country’s exceptional cultural heritage sheds light on how Japan has nurtured distinctive aesthetics, prominent artists, and movements that have achieved global influence and popularity.
Columbia University Press, 2019, ISBN 9780231193412, paperback, ca $35. Read more

Shirakaba and Japanese Modernism
Erin Schoneveld
Analysis of key moments in modern Japanese art and intellectual history by focusing on the artists most closely affiliated with Shirakaba, including Takamura Kōtarō, Umehara Ryūzaburō, and Kishida Ryūsei.
Brill, 2019, ISBN: 978-90-04-39363-9, paperback, ca €105. Read more

Great Tokyo: One Hundred Views by Koizumi Kishio
Maureen de Vries
Catalogue of the exibition of the complete series ‘One hundred views of great Tokyo in the Shōwa era’ made by Koizumi Kishio between 1928 and 1937. The catalogue (in English) contains an in-depth essay on the creation of the series and illustrates all 100 prints.
Nihon no hanga, 2019, € 7,50. Read more

Japan Supernatural, Ghosts, Goblins and Monsters 1700s to now
Melanie Eastburn
This book takes you on a journey of discovery of the astonishing array of yōkai (supernatural beings) and yūrei (ghosts) – from fiendish goblins through to mischievous shapeshifters – that have inhabited Japanese culture for centuries.
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia, 2019, ISBN 97841741469, Paperback, ca $45. Read more 

Bulletins & Newsletters

Bulletin Association Franco Japonaise, no. 152
The quarterly Bulletin of  our French colleagues, addressed to all its members. It presents a variety of articles in French on Japanese art, extensively illustrated and written by specialists. This issue comes with one article in English about Inrô by Heinz & Ilse Kress. Read more ...

Bulletin Association Franco Japonaise, no. 151
The quarterly Bulletin of  our French colleagues, addressed to all its members. It presents a variety of articles in French on Japanese art, extensively illustrated and written by specialists. Comes with one article in English: Raiden & Futen, Gods from the Buddhist Heaven by Heinz & Ilse Kress. Read more ...

Impressions Vol. 43 (part one of a double issue)
Journal of the Japanese Art Society of America.
It is sent to all members of the JASA for free.
223 pages, to see the table of contents:
This issue can also be purchased separately for $25 (plus shipping) or $ 60 (outside U.S.).
To order, visit the JASA Store.

Impressions Vol. 42 (part two of a double issue)
Journal of the Japanese Art Society of America
It is sent to all members of the Japanese Art Society of America.
The 2021 issue comes in two parts, featuring more than 300 pages of articles, images and reviews.
To see the table of contents:
The issue can also be purchased separately for $25 (US) or $60 (outside US), plus shipping costs.
To order:

Aziatische Kunst, Jaargang 51, Nr. 2,juni 2021  
Publication of the Royal Asian Art Society in the Netherlands
Only one of the articles is about Japanese art (in Dutch).
Amsterdam, 64 pages, ISSN 0921-657X. Only for members of the KVVAK. Read more

Sales & Auction Catalogues

Asian Art Society
E-catalogue XVI with 33 items illustrated in colour, among them a fine collections of Japanese mingei from Galerie Mingei, Paris. January 2022. Read more ...


Edo Geijutsu - New Acquisitions
Hara Shobo, Tokyo
Sales catalogue of New Acquisitions, No. 95, 345 Lots (prints and illustrated albums). All in colour.
Paperback, Tokyo, December 2021. Read more


Ukiyoe New Collection
Ezoshi Art shop, Kyoto
Sales catalogue Vol 64, October 2021, with 129 woodblock prints all in colour.  
Downloable pdf


Grace Tsumugi Fine Art
Japanese works of Art Exhibition & sale catalgue, October 2021, 38 items illustrated in colour and provided with scholarly descriptions. Read more ...



Sebastian Izard, Asian Art
Exhibition & Sales catalogue, September 2021. 24 items all illustrated in colour and provided wirh scholarly descriptions. Read more ...



Traditional Japanese landscape paintings from the 2nd half of the 20th century
Oranda Jin
Catalogue no. 31 (July 2021) with 63 paintings exhibited during the biennial summer exhibition at Jan van Hoof gallery, Vugt, The Netherlands.
Free pdf catalogue available.


Japanese 20th Century Avant Garde Catalog
Boston  Book Company
New catalogue on interesting Japanese 20th-century Avant Garde material. July 2021.
Free pdf catalogue available.


Mingei bamboo prize
Philippe Boudin
Eleven works selected and exhibited at the Musée national des arts asiatiques - Guimet from October 21st 2020 through May 3rd 2021.
Free pdf publication.


Japanese Works of Art
Grace Tsumugi Fine Art
Exhibition catalogue showing 52 items, i.e. paintings, metalworks, enamels, Satsuma, porcelain, lacquer, inrô and textiles. All illustrated in colour and provided with scholarly descriptions.

Paperback, London, October 2020. Read more

Japanese paintings and painters' pottery
Oranda Jin
Catalogue no. 30 (October 2021) with 101 works. Free pdf catalogue available.



 Japanese Prints, Paintings and Books Recent acquisitions
Catalogue 26 Israel Goldman
Sales catalogue with 89 items all illustrated in colour and provided with scholarly descriptions. Paperback, London, September 2020. Read more

Fine Netsuke, Sagemono & Okimono 
Galerie Zacke
Auction Catalogue, No. NE1119 (Auction November 2019).
331 Lots. All in colour.
Paperback, Vienna, November 2019. Read more

Ukiyoe New Collection
Ezoshi Art shop, Kyoto
Sales catalogue Vol 63, with 160 woodblock prints all in colour.  
Downloable pdf

Edo Geijutsu - New Acquisitions
Hara Shobo, Tokyo
Sales catalogue of New Acquisitions, No. 94, 354 Lots (prints and illustrated albums). All in colour.
Paperback, Tokyo, June 2021. Read more

Important Eighteenth Century Japanese Prints
Sebastian Izzard
Sales catalogue 15, 30 items provided with scholarly descriptions.
Paperback, New Yok, November 2019. Read more

Japanese Works of Art
Grace Tsumugi
Sales catalogue, 47 items, metalwork, lacquer, inro, netsuke, pipe cases, cloisonné enamel, etc.
Paperback, London, October 2019. Read more

Japanese art
Sales catalogue no. 61, 91 items, paintings and prints
Paperback, September 2019. Read more

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