Video Lectures - Symposium Japanese Lacquer 3 July 2022

On 3 July 2022 the RAAS (KVVAK) and SJA worked together to organize the Symposium Japanese Lacquer in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. It was held on the occasion of the exhibition in the Rijksmuseum, Modern Japanese Lacquer, which ran from 1 July to 4 September.

We are pleased to announce that the lectures are now available online with English subtitles on our YouTube channel.

The speakers are:

Dave van Gompel - Japanese lacquer expert and restorer

               Layered Aesthetics – an introduction to the techniques of Japanese lacquer art

Jan Dees - lacquer expert and guest curator of the exhibition

               Japanese Lacquer 1890-1950 – From an eye for detail to a sense for impact

Menno Fitski - head of the department of Asian art, Rijksmuseum

               Temporality of Nature in Japanese Lacquer: Bellflowers, gentians, and water striders

Ching-Ling Wang - curator of Chinese art, Rijksmuseum

               Japanese Lacquerware in the Chinese Imperial Collection and Its Contexts


Part 1 contains the lectures by Dave van Gompel and Jan Dees, part 2 contains the lectures by Menno Fitski and Ching-Ling Wang.

We hope that you will enjoy these wonderful lectures about Japanese lacquer!

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