Past Video Talks on Japanese Art

Past Video Talks on Japanese Art

An introduction to 'The World of Osaka Prints' made by our members Peter Ujlaki and John Fiorillo on a late summer afternoon in 2011.
Peter presents a guided tour through the traditional woodblock prints of the Osaka and Kyoto region (24  min).


The zodiacal year 2021 is the Year of the Ox. In the webinar 'Netsuke and Sagemono in the Year of the Ox' , hosted by the Japanese Art Society of America (JASA) on February 17 2021, and co-sponsored by the International Netsuke Society, netsuke collector Dr. David Butsumyo speaks about these miniature sculptures, which originated in 17th-century Japan. The image of the ox in Japanese folklore and religion will be explored through netsuke and sagemono (ca 57 min).

A  presentation given on February 10, 2021, by Marije Jansen, conservator Japanese prints at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, about an album with New Year woodblock prints designed by Torii Kiyonaga in 1787 (ca 18 min).


A lecture 'Quelling Demons and Disease in Japanese Art ' given John Carpenter for the members of the Japanese Art Society of America (JASA) on December 16, 2019.
Dr John T Carpenter is the Mary Griggs Burke Curator of Japanese Art at  the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. 
He speaks about the talismanic potential of some manifestations in Japanese art and performance, notably Shoki the Demon Queller (ca 60 min).


A Gallery talk 'An Insider's Look at Hokusai's Iconic Great Wave part I' chaired by by Joan B Mirviss LTD, Japanese Fine Art, New York (ca 30 min)
Go to the website of Joan Mirviss for other interesting video's on Japanese art.


A Webinar Collecting Mingei: Three Perspectives’, hosted by the Japanese Art Society of America (JASA) on February 7 2021. Japanese folk art and crafts both fall into the collecting category Mingei: everything from preindustrial crafts to handmade everyday tools and vessels. Kyoko Utsumi Mimura, Waseda University arts faculty member and former Director of the Mingeikan in Tokyo; Ty Heineken, Joint Director, Studio Japan, in Kingston, New Jersey; and David M. Kahn, Executive Director of the Adirondack Experience in upstate New York and a JASA board member discuss their approach on collecting (ca 57 min).


On the website of Asia Week New York (November 2020) Lark Mason and Eric Zetterquist discuss a large Ko-Kutani plate, dating from the second half of the 17th Century in Japan(ca 3 min).
Go to the website of Asia Week New York for more interesting videos.


A Webinar ‘The Unfathomable Art of Sesson’, on Sesson Shūkei (ca.1492-1577), held by Professor Yukio Lippit, Jeffrey T. Chambers and Andrea Okamura Professor of the History of Art and Architecture at Harvard University on January 12 2021. They address questions of artistic geography and pictorial meaning through a study of one of this artist’s most famous works, Dragon and Tiger, in the Cleveland Museum of Art (ca 60 min).


In the second episode of #Rijksmuseumfromhome​ ( March 24 2020) the Head of Asian Arts, Menno Fitski, is shining his light on two painted screens of Mount Fuji made by Yoshida Hiroshi. In English with Dutch subtitles (ca 3 min).


What would you do if you receive the keys to the Rijksmuseum? Dutch writer and comedian Paulien Cornelisse knew it right away: she goes looking for Japanese treasures with the help of Menno Fitski, head of Asian art at Rijksmuseum (July 5 2019). In Dutch with English subtitles (ca 29 min).


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