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The Society for Japanese Art (SJA) was founded in 1937. It currently has about 550 members, including prominent museums and institutions, in 24 countries. The Society aims to provide an inspiring platform for sharing knowledge and experience regarding every aspect of the visual and applied arts of Japan.

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Journal of the Society for Japanese Art

  • Capucine Korenberg: The Great Wave
  • Oikawa Shigeru: Shikake-e Woodblock Prints
  • Tony Cole: Japanese Woodblock-Printed Dioramas
  • Ellis Tinios: Yamaguchi Soken’s Yamato jinbutsu gafu
  • John Fiorillo: The Osaka Actor Ichikawa Gyokuen
  • Beatric B. Shoemaker: Hayami Sōtatsu, Hayami-ryū and the Subtle Power of Tea
  • Book Review by Julia Hutt: Breaking Out of Tradition: Japanese Lacquer, 1890-1950 by Jan Dees

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