Fake Kyosai

Fake or Genuine 21 January 2024

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On Sunday January 21 the SJA will organize ‘Fake or Genuine: issues of authenticity in Japanese painting,’ a one-day seminar and workshop during which we shall look into the issue of authenticity: how can we distinguish forgeries from genuine works? 

Various examples of genuine and fake paintings will be presented, with hands-on examinations of a selection of paintings of various genres (Ukiyo-e, Nanga, Maruyama-Shijō, Nihonga) and lectures by experts in the field.

General information:

  • Venue: Scheltema, Leiden (Marktsteeg 1, Leiden),
  • Time: 21 January 9:45–17:15
  • Participation fee: €15 (includes lunch and coffee/tea), €35 for non-members


  • 9:45–10:15 Doors open, coffee/tea
  • 10:15–10:35 Brief introduction by Chris Uhlenbeck
    • Lectures
  • 10:35–11:20 Julie Nelson Davis: "Utamaro and the Case of the Snow, Moon and Flowers (Setsugekka) Paintings"
  • 11:35–12:20 Rosina Buckland on reproductions of Meiji literati paintings
    • 12:35–13:35 lunch break
  • 13:35–14:20 Matthi Forrer: "Hokusai & co Inc."
    • Workshop
  • 14:35–14:50 Oikawa Shigeru discusses a Kyōsai painting
  • 15:00–16:00 Workshop: live presentation and discussion of various paintings
    • 16:00–16:15 coffea/tea
  • 16:15–17:15 Workshop continues

All members are cordially invited to join the New Year’s reception after the workshop (no entry fee).

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Entry fee

€15,00 (€35,00 for non-members)

The fee includes lunch and coffee/tea.