Ukiyo-e Symposium

SJA symposium “The Context of Ukiyo-e”

Society for Japanese Art Symposium on the occasion of its 85th anniversary February 4-5 2023

To celebrate the 85th anniversary of the Society for Japanese Art, the SJA hosts a symposium titled ‘The context of Ukiyo-e’ in Leiden, the Netherlands on February 4-5 2023. Registration is possible via the form linked at the bottom of this message.

Program Saturday February 4

Registration (12-14 PM) is followed by a joint visit to the exhibition The Riddles of Ukiyo-e: Women and men in Japanese Prints 1765-1865 (Verborgen Betekenissen: Vrouwen en mannen in Japanse prentkunst 1765-1865) at the Japan Museum SieboldHuis. Afterwards (14-17 PM) there will be  a screening of the Japanese filmdrama ‘Hokusai’ at the Museum Volkenkunde (Museum of Ethnology). This is followed by a panel discussion and the day ends with a cocktail party and optional dinner. 

On Sunday February 5, the keynote address and five presentations - each of which will be followed by a discussion - will again take place in the Museum Volkenkunde.

Lecture program Sunday February 5 at the Museum Volkenkunde:

09:00-09:30 — Coffee/tea

09:30-10:15 — Key-note address by Julie Nelson Davis (University of Pennsylvania): “Context Matters: Reframing Ukiyo-e.”

10:15-10:30 — Q&A

10:30-11:15 — Doreen Muller (Leiden University): "Uncovering the Hidden Legacies of the Tenpō Era Famine in Nineteenth Century Prints.”

11:15-11:30 — Q&A

11:30-12:00 — Coffee/tea break

12.00-12:45 — Alfred Haft (British Museum, London): “Time-off in Edo : Considering the city's places of leisure, with a focus on Takanawa."

12:45-13:00 — Q&A

13.00-14:00 — Lunch

14:00-14:45 — Paul Griffith (Kabuki specialist, translator for the Kabuki-za, Tokyo): “Surpassing the Strength of Men : Kabuki Heroines of the Warrior Class.”

14:45-15:00 — Q&A

15:00-15:45 — Angelika Koch (Leiden University): “Smallpox in Print : Disease, Publishing and Advertisement.”

15:45:16.00 — Q&A

16:00-16:30 — Coffee/tea break

16:30: 17:15 — Mary Redfern (Chester Beatty Library, Dublin) “Paragons in Print: Japan's Exemplary Women and their Audiences”

17:15-17:30 — Q&A

17:30-19:00 — Drinks


For members of the Society For Japanese Arts the participation fee is Euro 75 (students: Euro 35, non-members: Euro 100).
The fee includes:

  • Attendance of the two day event.
  • Coffee, tea throughout the proceedings.
  • Drinks after each symposium day.
  • Film screening on February 4
  • Lunch on Sunday February 5.
  • Free access to SieboldHuis exhibition.
  • NOT included: participation symposium dinner on Saturday (optional, ca. Euro 50).


The maximum number of participants is 80 persons. Registration is on first come first served basis. Until November 27, SJA members have priority. After November 27, registration will be open to non-members.

After registration via the form attached, participants will receive an invoice. Registration is definite when payment has been received by the Treasurer of the SJA.