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Advertising & Sponsoring

Do you want to sponsor the Society for Japanese Art by placing your logo on our website?

Are you interested to advertise in the society’s journal Andon, which appears twice yearly?

Logo on the website

Your logo will be placed at the bottom of each page of our website starting at a required date. Each logo can be linked to your website.


  • The displayed size of the logo is 80 x 220 pixels (height by width)
  • To ensure a crisp logo the submitted item should be at least 160 x 440 pixels
  • Ensure that the fonts used are not too small 
  • Please submit the logo as JPEG or PNG file
  • Please specify your link

The rate for placing your logo on our website is € 50 per month
If you are interested, please contact our secretary:

 Advertising in Andon 


  • It is possible to advertise on a full page or on a half page inside the journal
  • Also possible to advertise on inside of the front or back cover
  • Possible to advertise on outside back cover
  • Only full colour advertisements are accepted
  • Dimensions for a full page advertisement inside are 237.5 mm height and 175 mm width
  • Dimensions for a half page advertisement are 115 mm height and 175 mm width
  • Advertisement on the outside back cover are full page: 290 mm height and 215 mm width (incl. 5 mm trim on 3 sides)  
  • A bleed advert (280 mm height x 210 mm width) is only possible for a full page. Please send two versions: one for a right-hand and one for a left-hand page 

Advertising rates

  • Full- page colour:                €600 
  • Full page back cover:        €750
  • Full page inner cover:       €700 
  • Half-page colour:                €300
  • Advertisers in Andon will also have their logo displayed on every page of our website for free until the next issue of Andon.
  • If you decide to advertise in four consecutive Andons we will offer you a discount of 25%

Interested? Please contact our secretary: