Advertising & Sponsoring

Advertising & Sponsoring

Are you interested in sponsoring the Society by placing your logo on our website, or do you want to advertise in our magazine Andon?


Advertising space is available on both the agenda and news pages. In regards to advertisements on the agenda page, we would prefer that there were related to an upcoming activity or auction. 


  • Web Adverts will be displayed on all devices. The displayed size of the advert fluctuates between 287x287 pixels (desktop) and 170x170 pixels (ipad portrait). To ensure crisp images, submitted adverts must be exactly 574x574 pixels, this is (at least) twice the size as shown, so make sure any fonts used are not too small. 
  • JPEG/PNG only please. We are unable to accept adverts in .TIFF format. 
  • Please specify if you wish the advertisement to link to a page on your website other than your homepage (e.g. a specific event or auction page). 
  • Adverts must be camera-ready. 

Please note that tariffs for advertising on the website are still to be decided. If you are interested please contact the SJA secretary. 



Advertising rates

Half page colour: €300 

Whole page colour: €600 

Whole page inner cover: €700 

Whole page back cover: €750  


Advertising possibilities and sizes 

It is possible to advertise on a full page or on a half-page.  

  • Full page advertisement type area: 237.5 mm height and 175 mm width. 
  • Bleeding page advertisement type area: 290 mm height and 215 mm width (incl. 5mm trim on 3 sides). A bleed advert is only possible for full page adverts (210 x 280 mm). Andon only publishes full colour advertisements (there is not a separate fee for black/white advertisements). 
  • For bleeding pages it may be useful to send us two versions: one for a right-hand and one for a left-hand page. 


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