Andon 93
December 2012

EDITORIAL: A warm welcome to Andon 93. This issue presents two lesser-known members of the print family: kuchi-e and senshafuda. Kuchi-e are woodblock-printed frontispieces for novels and literary magazines, that are increasingly catching the attention of both scholars and collectors. Gary Hickey and Amy Reigle Newland introduce us to the fine kuchi-e from the Clough collection at the National Library of Australia. Readers who visited Japan may be familiar wíth senshafuda, votive slips pasted on temples and shrines. Rebecca Salter and Toshikazu Doi demonstrate that there is much more to these slips than just a simple act of piety.

Yayoi Kawamura immerses us in the world of Japanese export lacquer in order to find out more about the somewhat enigmatic makie lacquer master Luis-dono. In Andon 90 Jan Dees reported on the sale of the first part of the lacquer collection of the late
Edward Wrangham. In this issue he discusses the second and third sales and refines his conclusions. And in her second zuihitsu, Gina Collia-Suzuki continues her dental explorations.

Andon's editorial team wishes you all the very best for the Year of the Snake! We hope to see many of you at the Society's Taishō conference in Leiden, The Netherlands, in January 2013.