Andon 99
April 2015

EDITORIAL: Andon 99 is full of movement and travel. Only Maruyama Ōkyo's Skeleton, the subject of Beatrice Shoemaker's article, sits imperturbably, although you will find that there is more going on here than meets the eye. Ryōko Matsuba speaks of heroes struggling with demons and lovers crossing rivers as she explores aspects of mitate. Sonja Simonis takes a look at the painter Fukui Kōtei's five-year journey through China and Korea in the late 1910s. The prints from the collection of the late Marten Dorhout, discussed by Marije Jansen, show travellers at Mount Fuji. Shinya Maezaki's contribution follows the spectacular ceramics by Miyagawa Kōzan I as they travel around the world. Jan Dees presents the agile 'swinging Dutchman', part of a remarkable smoking set from a private collection. Dieuwke Eijer, wondering how Dutch coins ended up as decorative elements ín netsuke, mentions sailors smuggling coins in their underwear; and Victor Schmidt's zuihitsu has us all looking for shells.

Andon's editorial team wishes our members on the northern hemisphere a wonderful summer: enjoy your travels. And for those on the southern hemisphere: this is the time to read about the journeys of others!