HKF/IIAS seminar

IIAS & HKF Seminar: New Perspectives on (the Presentation of) Japanese Art

The International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) and the Heinz Kaempfer Fund (HKF) invite you to the seminar New Perspectives on (the Presentation of) Japanese Art, the first of a biennial series of Japanese art seminars.


IIAS & HKF Seminar

The International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) and the Heinz Kaempfer Fund are working together to organize a series of seminars on Japanese art. The first of this series, New Perspectives on (the Presentation of) Japanese Art, will be held in Leiden at the Oude Sterrenwacht (Old Observatory) on december 7, from 10 am to 5 pm.


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The Presentation of Japanese Art

Like the manifold aspects of art itself, the study of art has always reflected the mood, issues and questions of its times. During the past few decades immense shifts and changes have taken place, not only within artistic explorations and processes, but also in the attitudes and outlooks of scholars, curators, critics, policymakers and those involved in the art market. Hitherto suppressed voices are heard, uncomfortable truths are revealed, long-cherished standpoints are abandoned, different gazes are followed into new directions. These developments also reverberate within the study of Japanese art and have repercussions for the way in which Japanese art is presented and displayed.


  • Keynote speaker: Mariko Murata, Kansai University, Osaka Museum - Orientalism revisited: Can we truly deconstruct the exotic gaze?
  • Luke Gartlan, University of St Andrews - On the business and materials of nineteenth-century Japanese photography
  • Daan Kok, Wereldmuseum Leiden - How to frame a scroll painting: Changing attitudes in museum practice
  • Mio Wakita, Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna - On vision and display: Arts and culture in Meiji Japan
  • Minna Valjakka, University of Helsinki - Transcultural conjunctions: The politics of identifications in contemporary Japanese art


Participation is free of charge, registration is required. More information on the programme and on how to sign up is available on the IIAS website.