Sketch to Woodblock workshop 1

Looking back: Sketch to Woodblock Print

Looking back at the exciting workshop inside the Wereldmuseum depot, where curator Daan Kok showed us the process behind the production of a single ukiyo-e print.

from sketch to woodblock print 1

Daan Kok and his colleague showing us the printing block for the colour yellow and a sheet with the corresponding yellow motif.

'From Sketch to Woodblock Print'

On 8 September we organized the second edition of ‘From Sketch to Woodblock Print,’ which granted SJA members the rare opportunity to visit the Wereldmuseum depot. There curator Daan Kok explained the full process behind the production of woodblock prints with various items from the Wereldmuseum collection. Among the objects he showed were studies by Kyōsai, illustrated books by Hokusai, a complete set of key- and colour blocks for a Kunisada triptych with a matching set of printing sheets that showed the step-for-step printing process, and a fantastic study by Kuniyoshi and matching printed triptych.